International shipping is reopening!

Starting June 10, 2021 (Thurs), I'll finally be reopening international shipping!

I've been monitoring the stability of international packages sent to friends over the past 6 months, and the recent delivery rate has been good enough for me to feel comfortable reopening international!

Serviced Regions 📦

All regions worldwide will be serviced, except for:

  • United Kingdom. Sorry, the latest Brexit laws have made it extremely difficult for small business owners and artists to ship to the UK :(
  • Any regions with USPS service disruptions, such as Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Samoa, etc.

Make sure you include any special region-specific instructions to receive the package safely!

Estimated Pricing đź’µ

  • $1.82 for stickers shipped in an untracked USPS envelope.
  • $11.70 for light packages, shipped via USPS International. 
  • $16.50+ for medium packages, shipped via USPS International.
  • $59.20 for heavy packages, shipped via Priority Mail and including up to $200 USPS insurnace.
  • Slightly discounted rates for Canada!

Packages will take roughly 3-7 weeks for arrival; Priority Mail packages will take 6-12 days.

Other Details

Tracking — All packages come with a USPS tracking number. Tracking for international packages may stop updating once the package has crossed the border.

Lost Packages — Once handed to the postal service, the delivery of a package is completely out of my hands. I cannot replace or refund lost packages.

Customs — While I do my best to make sure no unnecessary fees are imposed on international packages, the final say is up to your country. The customer is responsible for paying any taxes or import fees associated with the order. I refuse to falsify or misdeclare any information on the customs forms as it is a serious offense.

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